Minneapolis homebrew club

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Cheers! You’ve found the official site of the Nordeast Brewers Alliance (NBA). With over 70 members for the second year in a row and growing, we are one of the largest AHA-sanctioned homebrew clubs local to Minnesota. Northeast Minneapolis, to be exact. We generally meet at East Side Neighborhood Services from 7:00-9:00pm on the third Thursday of every month but check our club calendar to be sure before you show up!

Our homebrew club meetings consist of educational sessions, tasting and feedback, brewing Q&A and beer-centric events. The club’s goal is to refine the skills and palate of each member, making us better brewers and more informed drinkers in the process. Other perks of membership include 10% off homebrewing supplies and equipment at local homebrew shops, 10% off at select liquor stores (all detailed here) and continued access to our Google Group where we hold impromptu homebrewing discussions and answer questions in-between meetings. The yearly membership fee is just $20, a cost you’ll easily make back if you spend more than a couple hundred dollars on homebrewing supplies and/or craft beer.

Though our meeting may take place in Northeast Minneapolis and though our namesake might suggest membership consists exclusively of Northeast residents, this is not the case. Members of this homebrew club converge upon Northeast from a variety of locations throughout the Twin Cities and beyond.

If you’re interested in joining the club check out our “Become a member” page or stop by our next meeting to talk about the logistics. We’re passionate about brewing, thirsty for new members and fresh perspectives.

Need to get a hold of us?  Try facebook, twitter or email.